Tips For Become Beginners Filmmaker

As a college student life on a budget is my middle name. As a film major no-budget is my last name. I’ve learned quite a bit about what works and what does not work when you have limited funds. I’m going to discuss the basic equipment needed as well as what happens in the different phases of production. If you have an interest in making movies or maybe you’ve just embarked on your journey to film school, here are a few basics to starting your filmmaking journey.

First, you need a camera and depending on if you’re looking to make films professionally or home videos, they can be pretty pricey. Red Epics and Black Magic cinema cameras are great finds, for a pretty penny that is. DSLRs are perfect for beginner filmmakers because they’re inexpensive compared to the thousands of dollars spent on cinema cameras. You should choose a camera that shoots in 1080pi at 24 frames per second. For a cheap find I recommend the Canon Rebel EOS T3i with a basic lens kit. A basic lens kit usually consists of an 18-55mm lens.

Things You Need To Know About Video Production

The best Internet marketing videos can generate long-lasting and profitable traffic to your online store or website. On the other hand, a bad video could tarnish your reputation and alienate your target audience. No matter your reason for creating an Internet video production, in order to make a video that people actually want to watch, you need to have a baseline level of knowledge. Here are a few terms you should know in order to create the best Internet videos.

1. The 180-Degree Rule – This refers to a commonly accepted standard among camera technicians on film and television sets, and refers to keeping all camera angles on one side of an imaginary line running through the set, parallel to the backdrop. Crossing this line can cause confusion and discontinuity in a video.

2. Broadcast Quality – This term refers to standards set by the National Association of Broadcasters that determine the quality of audio and video that is put on the airwaves or Internet. It can also refer to a type of camera that is used to record in broadcast quality video and audio.

3. Concept

Green Screen For Video Effects

supermanThe green screen video effect is amazing. You stand in front of a green backdrop and hit record on the video camera. Then, you drop the footage into your video editing software, select a new background, apply the chromakey filter and you are instantly transported to a new location. You can be in a shiny new office, standing in a hightech virtual set, on the beach, or even on the moon. At least, that is how you imagine things will work.

All to often, the first attempt you make at the green screen effect produces disappointing results. When you try to remove the green background in your editing software, you do not get all of the color to disappear. You play around with the settings to get more of the green to go away and suddenly the middle of your shirt disappears. You make more and more adjustments until things look better. You have lost all of the fine details around the edges, but the green is gone. But, when you hit play, the edges of your footage dance around like lighting bolts. You go

Guide To Develops Ideas For Filmmaker

There is a famous quote regarding the formula for genius as being one percent inspiration and ninety nine percent perspiration. When it comes to the genius of creative video production, this recipe may just as well apply, or at least feel like it. There may be late nights, hard work, too many team meetings, or just perceived bad idea after bad. Worse there may be a perceived great idea that is sent back to the proverbial drawing board. Whatever the case is, when it comes to developing great ideas for video production, there are some key best practices that may help lessen the perspiration and increase the inspiration.

Of course, when it comes to any creative process, starting with some basic facts, data, objectives and goals can help to pinpoint where the process should begin. Knowing what the product or service is and how it works or benefits the possible end user will help to dictate what the end message should be and maybe provide inspiration as to how to start the journey. Along with this, understanding who the audience will be may help to determine the type of video used, whether it be animated, action, a montage of stills, use

All About Budgeting on Movie

It is easy to think of the web and its videos, traditional cinema, digital films, and videos to entertainment. These mediums are also found in the business world. Some videos are made as marketing pieces, others as internal messaging and training; some are even for internal morale boosting or presentations. Whatever the need, many companies find that it is possible to develop, edit, and achieve all of the needs of creative video production and remain on budget.

Like any other project, creative video production has a budget. After the content has been developed and the understanding of the editing that will most likely be needed, it is often time for the budget to be revised. There are times that the budget may need to be increased if post production needs are greater than anticipated. This may not be the case if the message and content are kept as the focus from the earliest conception. However if the key points and memorable, relevant content are lost, it may be that the editing part of the budget increases and is offset by other budget cuts.

Just as projects have budgets, they also have timelines. Planning the timeline is essential to the budget and

Basic Steps For Video Production

Introduction to the Video Pre-Production Process

Video Production is an amazing and creative endeavor. It can also be a lot of rewarding fun when you are working with the right group of people. This article briefly explains the 5 factors in the pre-production stage of the video production process so you can be prepared and know what to expect once you have committed to creating a video production.

Budget – This item often goes hand-in-hand with the script, after all you can’t write a $50,000 script if you only have $5,000 to spend on your production. For this reason, it is imperative to discuss your budget and expectations with an experienced video producer who can guide you as to which items are most important to relegate the funds to. The majority of video production expenses should be used in acquiring top talent that will perform at a high-level under pressure or time-constraints. This includes the scriptwriter, actors, director, camera operators, make-up artists and video editors. A good budget should take into account all possible expenses for the video production including travel, legal fees, administrative costs, licensing fees, and production & post-production costs. You may have heard the phrases “above-the-line” & “below-the-line” this

Tricks You Can Use For Wedding Videography

A marriage is one of the most special occasions in a person’s life. A lot of planning goes into making it a successful event. It is an occasion to remember and what better way to immortalize it than to have it all captured on film. However, you do not want just another boring video. With a lot of planning having gone into making the occasion a success, it is only fair that as much planning goes into putting together a unique film. We are talking about cinematography here. This is very different from taking a video. Cinematography involves a lot of creativity, it is an art and the resulting film is not just the capturing of an event, but tells a story and conveys the poignancy of the ceremony and celebration. The shooting technique and the image quality in cinematography are different to that of a video.

Here are some pointers:

    • Begin by attending the rehearsal. This gives you a chance to check out the place for the layout, the lighting and to plan how you want to take your shots.


    • Spend some time with the bride and groom to get an idea of what kind of shots they would like and who

Rules For Video Production Company

There is no time to stop and smell the roses or to sip a coffee on the roadside. Just look around and analyze, when was the last time you got a handwritten business letter? The personal contact is dying and everything seems to work through technology. Whether it is marketing or it is building the brand image, people have started to use technology and Internet as a tool for every need.

As far as business marketing is concerned, the need of the hour is video production. What is the role of a video production company in business marketing? Let’s find out.

The more interesting your video, the more you gain

You yourself might agree on the fact that video is a medium that speaks volume in its own mute language; visual is always a better medium for contact and for explanation than the written text. It immediately connects you and helps educate and instruct you.

If you use corporate videos or promotional videos as the tool then, this would enhance your business and would give you a competitive edge. Haven’t you noticed that YouTube ranks high and is among the fortune 500 companies? Now it’s time to reform your business marketing through video production

Hunting Video Makers Online

Nowadays, when markets for any kind of business or a product are vast and crowded it is very important to create a distinctive message that will get your product or business out there, and that will put them in the spot. A quality on line or a regular video can be just the right marketing tool for that purpose. Also you do not have to invest a lot of money into making a video, today you have a wide offer of online video makers on the Internet, and it is just a matter of finding the video maker that will help you create the best message to market your product.

Finding the right online video maker depends on several things. If you have just set up a start-up business you may not want to invest a lot of money for a professionally made video., that may require an expensive software, hardware and a specialized operator. That means that free online video makers are exactly what you, your business or your product needs. The Internet is full of these easy-to-use software packages that you only need to access from your computer or smart phone and you are all set. Free online video

Tips To Start Your Film Society Right Now

There are many cinema lovers out there that can appreciate the artistic and cultural value of non-commercial films and actually want to promote independent or low profile motion pictures within their community or even to a broader audience. As a result, many such individuals chose to form film clubs with their friends or acquaintances that share the same passion, where they would screen whatever film they consider worthy, whether it is a blockbuster, a commercial movie or an independent, low budget film. Cinema enthusiasts who think even bigger may choose to form film societies and if you are such a fan and you would like to know how to start a film society, here are 5 important steps to get you going and give you a clear image of what such an endeavour entails.

The first step you need to take is finding others who share your passion for films and cinema. As mentioned above, film societies are more than just small film clubs that you can organise in your home, they are bigger projects and you cannot properly run such an organisation on your own. So you need to find and engage others who might be willing to help

Best Software Video For Filmmaker

Digital technology has advanced significantly over the years and this has made it easy for people to access quality video editing software. It is now possible to turn any video into a masterpiece using one of the software options available. The best video editing software offer import/capture, exporting, and editing options. These are basic features that software should have to allow effective editing. But the best software offers more than these basic functions. Here are some of the three main options you should consider.

Final Cut Pro

One of the best features in this video editors software is the inclusion of libraries. The libraries make it easy for you to group all your projects and activities in a single place. It also allows you to have multiple libraries, which you can open and close when necessary. The software has a backup option to store your files on a hard drive or cloud storage.

It comes with Project Snapshots, a feature that allows you to capture your edits. This additional editing functionality makes it easy to revise images. It also provides third-party plugin support and flexible media management.

One of the drawbacks is that you need to manage collaborative workflows carefully. In addition, it

Guide To Find Transcription Company

Audio transcription can be challenging. And finding an audio transcription company isn’t easy. Many companies use what’s called crowd sourcing, meaning that they take your content and send it out to many different people. Each person then transcribes a small chunk of your audio and sends it back. Nobody checks anything, and you’re lucky if the transcription is even remotely close to accurate.

That’s not how it’s supposed to be done. It’s a challenge to work fast and be accurate at the same time, but a good transcription company will have one person work on your audio or video content, and will take the time to check the work.

Also, the entertainment industry has special needs when it comes to transcription services. Entertainment clients require something called true verbatim, where every “uhm” and “uh” and pause is transcribed. This helps the editors and producers select which parts of the interview will be used in the final edit. Entertainment transcription companies are very different than other types of transcription companies. Entertainment transcribers also need to know how to enter time code within the transcription. Time code helps the editors find the exact part of the interview that will be used in the final

Tips To Produce News Package

Creating an excellent and impactful news package is a skill set that develops over time. Some reporters typically learn the hard way how to best prep and plan for their assignment.

However, taking advantage of a few tried and true tips can make even the cub reporter look like a pro.

The first tip for any reporter looking to master their fate is to develop credible news sources. Reporters should keep plenty of business cards on hand at all times and pass them out like candy while on the beat. This sounds simple, but it is effective. Reliable, abundant and credible news sources are the lifeblood of any beat reporter.

If you are consistent at establishing contacts and sources, two things will happen:

1) You will consistently develop great story ideas.
2) You will be thought of as a rock star in the newsroom.

Nothing frustrates the producers and news managers more than reporters who show up to the morning meeting with no story ideas, looking like a deer in headlights when they are asked to pitch what they could turn that day for the newscasts.

So, assuming that you are properly building your news information resources, let’s discuss some best practices for producing a great

Things About Film Set Design

Lights, camera, action; the world of film seems so glamorous and exciting doesn’t it? From the enticing stories, the incredible acting (not to mention those good looking actors) to the special effects and incredible sets; an amazing amount of effort is put in to make some of the films we see today.

Whether an action movie, drama, romance or horror; making stories come to life requires a great deal of effort from a huge team, none more so than the design team. Whether here in the UK, or across the pond in the US; design companies everywhere play a crucial part in ensuring ideas and the images put on paper come to life in the best way possible.

From the barbershop where the lead actor gets his haircut, to the streets where the plot twist murder occurs to the creaky basement where the serial killer conducts his worst crimes; the right set can help bring everything together and make something seemingly ‘non-existent’ seem very real.

Wondering just what it takes to be a film set designer? Curious as to how ideas can come to life? Below are a few of the crucial facts that can help you get a better understanding of this

Guide To Have Tight Turn Around Video

As a freelancer in creative video production, your reputation is everything to you. Without it, your business would certainly fail. Luckily, your reputation is generally built on two things that are already within your control, the quality of work that you produce, and your ability to meet deadlines. If you have ever struggled with the latter component, then this post is for you. Here are five tips for achieving a tight turn around on your video production projects.

1. Stay Focused on The Deadline

The first step in making sure you meet your client’s deadlines is to simply care about your performance in completing work under deadline. Once your deadline is a priority, you will be more likely to make a serious effort to meet them. To make sure you meet your deadlines, consider missing one a cardinal sin. After you have established this habit, the rest is just a matter of logistics.

2. Keep a Running List of Projects & Deadlines

One way to make sure you never miss a stated project end date is to keep a list or spreadsheet of all your current projects, their status to date, and their expected deadline. Depending on your organization skills, you can even color

All About Independent Movies

Insiders Secret #1. You must understand how to read and navigate a budget from the top sheet to detail page. The industry standard is movie magic budgeting. This is a program designed to enter in categories, budget for each category and create cost reports.

Insiders Secret #2. Break down a film script into elements within scenes that will cost money. Elements costing money include locations, cast, props, special equipment, etc.

Insiders Secret #3. Input the elements into a breakdown sheet by scene. The industry standard is movie magic scheduling. It has user-friendly pages for you to enter in elements and once everything has been input by scene, its time to make a schedule.

Insiders Secret #4. Now that you have your scenes broken down by locations, you can move them onto days and create a strip-board shooting schedule, so you can see how many scenes you need to shoot on a day to stay within your budget. You are paying for crew, equipment and locations daily so you will want to keep your days to a minimum.

Insiders Secret #5. In your movie magic budget, set up budget accounts for items like cast, locations, various production departments, etc.

Insiders Secret #6. Now that you know

Tips To Make Movie Soundtrack

I bet if you think of your favorite movie, you can hum the theme song or some of the music from that film. Music is an important part of a great movie- so important that Hollywood pays top composers huge amounts of money to create the perfect, catchy score.

If you’re needing music for your new movie, you can hire a composer to custom write music for each and every scene but that may strain your already tight budget. Don’t worry, you can find great, original music on the web and much of it is free or available for a very low price.

I’m talking about Royalty-free music. If you Google ‘royalty free alternative music’ for instance, you will find pages of websites that offer alternative rock music for free or for a small licensing fee. That’s the good news. The bad news is – you’re going to have to do a lot of digging to find the music that fits the mood of your movie.

The best way to start off is to create a rough list of the songs you will need. Perhaps you want a quick uptempo rock song for the opening credits or maybe you have a few

Way To Selling Your Script

You’ve read the “How To” books on screenwriting. Twice. Watched seven movies a week that date back to the ’30’s. You bought the latest version of Final Draft. Come up with a brilliant idea for a story. Laid out the characters, the setting and the plot and fired up your MacBook Pro.

You spend the next three months writing, deleting, re-writing, shaping and polishing your baby. You hand copies to all your friends, and everyone loves the story – everyone except your best friend. (But then again, he thought THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW was Oscar worthy!)

A few minor edits, one last read through and it’s ready for primetime. Now what?

This is where things get interesting. How do you go from a 106 page blueprint to a Netflix-ready movie? Well, you could pull out your checkbook – following a robust IndieGoGO campaign – direct it yourself, hire the rest of the talent, shoot the flick and enter every film festival from Santa Barbara to Cannes.

Unfortunately, most can’t afford to quit their day job. So let’s explore the traditional routes.

Thousands enter screenplay competitions, hoping the acclaim of a strong finish will propel their story to a six-figure studio bidding war or at least

How To Make Green Screen By Yourself

Painting a wall in your home office studio with green paint can be one of the most cost-effective ways to create a green screen. Painted surfaces are durable, flat, and not prone to wrinkles (the curse of muslin green screens. ) But, you have to choose the right paint or your efforts will be doomed from the start. Picking the best green screen paint comes down to three things: finish, coverage, and color.

The Right Paint Finish

Interior house paints come in a wide variety of finishes like satin, eggshell, and semi-gloss. The optimal green screen finish provides a flat even surface that minimizes surface imperfections and reflections. The best paint finish for your home office green screen is flat paint. Flat paint creates a slightly dull and chalky looking finish that hides imperfections and will do a great job spreading out light evenly when it comes time to light your studio.

Flat finishes are less resistant to staining and harder to clean than others. Keep a little extra paint on hand for touch ups.

Paint Coverage

If you are choosing house paint to save money on your green screen, be careful not to over-economize. Cheap paints use inexpensive fillers that reduce the amount of

Lighting Stands For Your Home Studio

Home office video studios are almost always short on floor space. They are often set up in a spare bedroom that is 10 feet wide and 12 to 15 feet deep. That is about one third of the size of a professional video studio. The legs of a typical light stand open up to about three feet wide. Put two or three lights and a camera tripod in your tiny studio and it can get pretty challenging just to walk around. Maximizing your space means finding creative ways to support your lights without resorting to bulky studio lighting stands.

Rethink Your Lights

Large soft lights are generally the best option for studio lighting. They produce flattering light and soften the look of shadows. Many home office video producers turn to inexpensive CFL-based softbox lights, but these lights can be bulky and require those floor space devouring light stands to hold them up. You can get a beautiful soft light from other sources like rice paper lanterns hung from ceiling hooks or large floor lamps with rice paper shades. Use bright CFL bulbs in the lamps and lanterns to light up your studio without the light stands.

If your video productions mostly involve shooting